WHEATON, IL 60187  
Home Advisory Group  
Final Summary  
Tuesday, November 7, 2023  
11:00 AM  
Room 3500B  
Chair LaPlante called the meeting to order at 11:14 am.  
Staff Present: Mary Keating, Community Services Director (Remote); Julie Hamlin, Community  
Development Manager; Momina Baig, Housing and Community Development Planner; Chloe  
Harrington, Housing and Community Development Planner (Remote); Amish Kadakia, Senior  
Accountant (Remote); Ashley Miller, Senior Housing and Community Development Planner,  
and Thomas Schwertman, Housing and Community Development Planner.  
Assistant State‚Äôs Attorney - Katherine Fahy.  
Bastian, Barfuss, Chassee, Crandall, Gustin, LaPlante, Yoo, and  
Childress, Heniff, Krajewski, Schwarze, and Todorovic  
There was no Public Comment.  
Home Advisory Group Minutes - Regular Meeting - Tuesday, October 3, 2023  
There were no corrections or comments.  
On a Voice Vote, all Ayes, the Minutes were approved.  
At this point, Mary Keating congratulated Julie Hamlin, current Community  
Development Manager, as being promoted to the Community Development  
Administrator position, which had been vacant save Dave McDermott left in the Spring.  
Hamlin has been with the County since 2014. She started as a Planner and has moved up  
from there to Sr. Planner, then Manager and now Administrator. She is incredibly  
knowledgeable (on County and Department of Housing and Urban Development  
LaPlante also congratulated Hamlin and was excited to begin working with her.  
Lynn LaPlante  
Patty Gustin  
Recommendation for Approval of the 2nd Revision to the Occupancy Rights under the  
Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Policy clarifying the Rights of Tenants utilizing  
HOME Investment Partnerships Act (HOME) and Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG)  
As a little background, Hamlin noted that the Federal programs with the County require  
cross cutting requirements and the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) regulations  
were one of those. In 2022, VAWA was reauthorized and most of the amendments took  
affect in October of 2022. The U.S. Housing and Urban Development has asked that  
entities, such as DuPage County and covered housing providers, make sure that their  
policies are updated to incorporate the changes.  
Highlights to the changes include expanding the definition of domestic violence,  
economic abuse, and technological abuse. There was also an additional definition of  
prohibition on retaliation for those who are domestic violence victims, as well as adding  
the rights to report crime in emergencies, if one is experiencing violence under the  
Violence Against Women Act.  
HUD requested that the County's policies be updated. However, HUD will still be  
providing guidance on how the County is to meet the different requirements under this  
reauthorization. The County has taken upon itself to update this policy to incorporate the  
new definitions, and this will also be included in the Continuum of Care's 2024  
Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) Program Plan, so that covered housing providers are  
aware of the changes as well.  
Keating added, in order to know the Act is being followed, when the Department is  
monitoring HOME (HOME Investment Partnerships Act) and ESG funded projects, Staff  
reviews the leases and makes sure that the lease has all the required language and  
required notifications under VAWA. Any person that is living in a unit being assisted  
through these funds, has to be notified of their rights under VAWA.  
There were no other questions.  
On a Roll Call Vote, all Ayes. The motion passed.  
Lynn LaPlante  
Patty Gustin  
Bastian, Barfuss, Chassee, Crandall, Gustin, LaPlante, Yoo, and  
Childress, Heniff, Krajewski, Schwarze, and Todorovic  
Keating made this Committee aware of the Human Services Committee's passage of three  
Memorandums of Understanding with various municipalities relating to Community Project  
Funding. For the last few years, members of Congress have had the ability to basically nominate  
projects in their communities to receive direct allocations of Federal funding.  
There were seven projects in DuPage County that were approved. It was believed that they were  
either all Congressman Foster or Congressman Casten's. Congress is using the CDBG  
(Community Development Block Grant) platform to accomplish these projects. This includes  
the requirements for CDBG, one of which is the need for projects to undergo the environmental  
review process. Depending on the complexity of the project, the Environmental Review can be  
either something relatively simple or it can be extremely complex, and take an enormous amount  
of staff time.  
After the seven projects were announced, HUD approached the County and asked the County to  
take on the responsibility of completing those environmental reviews for all seven projects. The  
County has the expertise but not the capacity to take on all seven. So, through a series of  
conversations with HUD, the County decided to take on three of the seven.  
The County has entered into Memorandums of Understanding with the Village of Addison, the  
City of Wheaton, and the Wood Dale Park District. What will happen is any time that Staff  
spends on those projects, the County will be reimbursed for that person's time. Particularly, the  
County anticipates the need for overtime costs, as the additional workload will be absorbed  
without any additional staff.  
There were four projects the County did not agree to take on. Two were in the City of  
Naperville. With the City of Naperville being its own CDBG entitlement community, it was felt  
that Naperville would have the capacity to take on any Naperville-affiliated projects.  
One project was for a nonprofit, which the County felt the learning curve for that organization  
would be so great, it would be better for HUD to take it on. Then there was one, from an  
environmental perspective, the County had some concerns with the complexity of it and felt the  
County could not take it on. That project was sponsored by a municipality and it was felt that  
they should take the responsibility of learning the process and doing the work themselves. The  
County Board will be approving the Memorandums of Understanding.  
For the Municipal Committee members that may be applying for the Community Project Funds,  
the County requested that the County be made aware of the projects. The County is willing to  
provide input into whether there might be some environmental issues and potentially provide  
guidance during the development of the project that might make the process a little smoother.  
The County was unaware of the seven projects until after they had been approved.  
Keating asked if there were any questions. Gustin said, as a former municipal person, would the  
County provide the HOME Advisory Group members the list of the current known projects.  
Keating said an email will be sent and Hamlin said she would provide the link to the  
Congressional website. Keating reiterated that the County is providing the Environmental  
Reviews for the Village of Addison, the City of Wheaton, in relationship to their public library,  
and the Wood Dale Park District. A list of all seven will be provided.  
LaPlante emphasized that this would be a fantastic opportunity for some guidance that would  
make the application process smoother from start to end. It would create a higher probability of  
success all around. If the municipal members would have questions, please take advantage of the  
technical guidance offered.  
There were no other questions or comments.  
(Member Yoo left just prior to adjournment to attend the Technology Committee.)  
The Motion was made to adjourn the meeting.  
On a Voice Vote, the meeting was adjourned at 11:25 am.