WHEATON, IL 60187  
Local Emergency Planning Committee  
Final Summary  
Tuesday, May 16, 2023  
1:30 PM  
OHSEM Training Room  
1:30 PM meeting was called to order by Chair Jeff Janus at 1:30 PM.  
Additional attendees:  
Mark Winistorfer, DuPage County State's Attorney Office; Don Novak, City of Elmhurst EMA;  
Sarah Miller, DuPage County Stormwater; Terrel Doby, American Red Cross and Jacob  
Sheaffer, INX International.  
Bostick, Boyle, Campbell, Dieckman, Duval, Eckhoff, Eidson,  
Esterquest, Falsey, Hinz, Janus, Johl, Loveless, Lutz, McLean,  
Pradel, Radzinski, Schultz, Schwarze, Shay, and Williams  
Godden, Hronek, Hunn, Kadolph, Knight, Kosak, Mansfield,  
Medrano, Mitchell, Reusch, Ross, Selvik, Wiza, and Zbinden  
No public comment was offered.  
Chair Jeff Janus informed the Committee that the DuPage County Office of Homeland Security  
and Emergency Management was recently involved in Operation Power Play, a statewide  
exercise hosted by ComEd. He indicated that it was a great learning experience and that once the  
After Action Report becomes available, he will share it with the Committee members.  
Chair Janus next commented that he had been made aware of some recent initiatives in the State  
of Illinois to develop an electric vehicle infrastructure. He felt that before moving forward with  
this, there needed to be a plan in place regarding the lithium ion battery issues. One suggestion  
he had was that the State should reach out to fire service agencies to discuss solutions. He also  
encouraged the Committee members to continue to provide him with any information they  
receive concerning battery issues and he will, in turn, pass that along to the group.  
Next, Chair Janus notified the Committee that Argonne National Laboratory will be hosting an  
Open House on Saturday, May 20, 2023 from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM. Tickets are available  
shared that, because of the pandemic, they were not able to celebrate their 75th anniversary. So  
this event will recognize that milestone, as well as provide an opportunity for the public to tour  
the laboratory to better understand what their tax dollars are used for.  
Further, Chair Janus reminded the Committee that the IEMA Conference will be held September  
5-8, 2023 in Springfield, Illinois. There is an LEPC component scheduled for the first day of the  
Conference which will include a tabletop exercise. He invited anyone interested in attending to  
let him know and he will provide them with more information.  
Lastly, Chair Janus mentioned that one of the LEPC's responsibilities is to submit an Annual  
Report to IEMA which is due in July 2023. He invited anyone interested in helping draft that  
report to contact him.  
LEPC Registry Membership Roster: Vote to Add/Remove Members from Registry  
Member Joy Hinz moved, seconded by Member John Radzinski to add Benjamin Duval as an  
alternate member to the Membership Registry. The motion was approved on a voice vote, all  
Joy Hinz  
John Radzinski  
Member Michael McLean moved, seconded by Member Brian Shay to remove Michael Pasciak  
from the Membership Registry. The motion was approved on a voice vote, all "ayes".  
Michael McLean  
Brian Shay  
Member Pat Johl moved, seconded by Member Joy Hinz to remove Bill Anaszewicz from the  
Membership Registry. The motion was approved on a voice vote, all "ayes".  
Pat Johl  
Joy Hinz  
Member Greg Schwarze moved, seconded by Member Joy Hinz to add Julia Loveless as an  
alternate member to the Membership Registry. The motion was approved on a voice vote, all  
Greg Schwarze  
Joy Hinz  
Member Craig Dieckman inquired as to whether an alternate member is allowed to make  
motions and vote. Assistant State's Attorney, Mark Winistorfer replied that if the primary  
member is present, then only they can move and vote. If the primary member is absent, then  
moving and voting rights fall to the first alternate. If both the primary and the first alternate are  
absent, it then falls to the second alternate and so on.  
Approval of Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) Meeting Minutes (quorum  
present): February 21, 2023  
The motion was approved on a voice vote, all "ayes".  
John Radzinski  
Brian Shay  
7.A. Flow MSP - Tier II Data for First Responders  
8.A. IEMA SERC Waiver for Broadcast/Print Media Position on LEPC  
Chair Janus informed the Committee that IEMA had recently approved his request for a waiver  
of this position. A copy of the Waiver is attached to these minutes. In the future, if someone is  
interested in assuming this position, Chair Janus encouraged them to reach out to him.  
IEMA Approval of DuPage LEPC Request  
8.B. Railroad Update  
Chair Janus reported that an average of 1,700 train derailments occur annually, with an average  
of approximately 11 of those derailments involving hazardous chemicals. Member John  
Radzinski from Metra Railroad confirmed that these numbers are accurate. However, he did  
mention that any time a wheel leaves the track it must be reported as a derailment. Some of  
these instances are considered minor and are cleared up quickly. Chair Janus mentioned that he  
will share with the group any information he receives regarding railroad training opportunities in  
the area.  
8.C. LEPC Membership Registry Updates/Changes  
Chair Janus encouraged everyone to review the Membership Registry prior to leaving to ensure  
their name appears correctly on the list.  
9.A. Election of Officers November 2023  
The next election of officers will take place in November 2023. According to the LEPC Bylaws,  
the current officers can chose to remain in office. However, if others are interested in serving as  
an officer they may be considered for the position. Nominations will be accepted at the next  
LEPC meeting on August 22, 2023 and voting will take place at the November 21, 2023 meeting.  
9.B. Updates from LEPC Membership  
Member John Radzinski informed the Committee of upcoming railroad training opportunities.  
Specifically, he mentioned the two sessions entitled Responder Incident Train: Emergency  
Response to Railroad Incidents which are being offered at the end of June. An informational  
flyer on this course is attached to these minutes. In addition, Member Radzinski informed the  
Committee that Metra offers a free, 3-hour training class. Metra will come to your location to  
train law enforcement officers, firefighters and emergency management staff on topics ranging  
from basic rail safety to Metra specific safety matters. He encouraged anyone interested to  
please contact him. Chair Janus stressed the importance of training and recommended that  
everyone participate.  
Member Greg Schwarze updated the Committee on the status of the new interoperable portable  
radios. These radios have already been distributed to law enforcement officers and he anticipates  
that they will be available to fire departments sometime this summer.  
Member Craig Dieckman reported that the DuPage County Office of Homeland Security and  
Emergency Management is nearing the completion of its Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan 5-year  
update. A draft of this Plan is currently available for review and comment on the DuPage  
County website. This draft Plan meets FEMA's new guidelines as of April 2023 on mitigation  
planning. He stressed that it is a great source of information and encouraged all to review it.  
Further, Member Dieckman mentioned that DuPage OHSEM is looking to add an Emergency  
Management Specialist to the agency. He anticipates that this position will be posted within the  
next week or so. He asked if anyone is aware of someone who might be interested, to refer them  
to the job posting on the DuPage County website.  
In conclusion, Chair Janus reminded everyone to please review the Membership Registry and let  
him know of any necessary corrections. The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 22,  
2023 at 1:30 PM. He stressed the importance of in-person attendance, particularly at the next  
two meetings in August and November as the Committee will be focusing on the  
election/re-election of officers. Zoom participation is no longer being offered.  
RIT Training Invitation-First Responder  
Member Greg Schwarze moved, seconded by Member Pat Johl to adjourn the meeting at 2:13  
PM. The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 22, 2023 at 1:30 PM.